fdt solutions tubolino product range

Storz Nozzles

Storz coupling nozzles for different sizes of lining.

  • N4-30: 4″ A110 nozzle for 30mm lining
  • N4-50: 4″ A110 nozzle for 50mm lining
  • N4-70: 4″ A110 nozzle for 70mm lining
  • N6-70: 6″ F-150 nozzle for 70mm lining
  • N6-100: 6″ F-150 nozzle for 100mm lining
  • N6-125: 6″ F-150 nozzle for 125mm lining
  • N6-150: 6″ F-150 nozzle for 150mm lining
  • N6-200: 6″ F-150 nozzle for 200mm lining
  • N8-250: 8″ 205 nozzle for 250mm lining

Extension Coupling

Extension Storz 6″ F-150 coupling with a robust and flexible hose makes it easier get to those shoots that are hard to reach.

  • 1 – 5m in length 
  • SZ6EX: Extension Storz 6″ coupling

Pressure Cap 6"

Pressure Cap with 6″ storz coupling and two pressure valves.  

  • PC6: Pressure Cap 6″


The Squeeser is a tool to close the end of the liner when inflated after the shoot and comes in two sizes. The lower pipe is set in place with a magnet. A screwdriver can be used up top to make the process faster.

  • SQ50-100: Squeezer for 50 – 100mm liner
  • SQ100-150: Squeezer for 100 – 150mm liner

Precision Regulator

Precision regulator of high quality and with long lifespan which gives the operator the possibility to regulate the pressure accurately when installing liner.

  • PR1: Precision regulator for inversion drums

Storz Spanner

Tool for sealing the nozzle of the extruder and other Storz couplings. 

  • SP100-150: Storz spanner